"Your book husband took possession immediately and I had to listen to him say OMG, OMG over and over again.
When asked about the book, I say: "If you are looking for a book to inspire and encourage you, this is the book for you.
If you are looking for a resource to take your photography to the place where it is unique and in demand, buy this book."

"I just received Jim's book. Now I'm going thru a whole new attitude change, as well as marketing, pricing and session
changes. Your book is proving itself not only for my seniors, but ALL my portrait photography! Jim, Great Book!!"

"I just received Jim Lersch's book "Seniors My Way" and I am totally thrilled. This book is comprehensive on the subject
of photographing senior students. The explanations are "hit you in the head" revealing! The images of the seniors that Jim
has created are incredibly inspiring. As a newcomer to the world of senior photography, I am so glad I got this book before
I made a lot of mistakes. Thanks Jim for such a wonderful tool. I know that this book will take me further and faster than
any other way I could have imagined."

"I got your book and I love it. Very good information, and it made me feel confident that I am on
the right track with how I photograph seniors and gave me some excellent tips. Thanks!!"

"I wanted to let you know that your book is awesome. I immediately noticed a change in my approach and attitude toward
photographing seniors. I really enjoyed the books straight forward, no fluff approach. P.S. - One of my images that merited
this weekend was the first senior session I photographed after reading your book... coincidence?!"

"We just got the book today. Very well illustrated, text short and sweet. Not so much a how to but an outline of what
you can do when a senior gives you something to work with. We look forward to implementing your ideas."

"I received your book last week, just got a chance to look at it - it's fantastic. I'm so happy to see someone
create amazing work in such a simple setup. I can't wait to sink my teeth into it... thanks for everything!"

"Your creativity and talent are truly inspiring and I really enjoyed your book! I operate out
my garage right now so this has extra added inspiration for me seeing your setup."

"Thanks for getting your book out to us so quickly. Just to let you know, some of your portraits are driving my
wife crazy! She does all of my post session processing and is absorbed with some of your techniques and is
trying to recreate a couple of your shots. Again, thank you and keep up the good work!"

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